Tub Gardens

Setting Up Your Tub Garden


LOCATION - As much sun as possible will allow a wider choice of plants. The tub will need to be level. Owners generally overwinter them indoors or in a deep pool, allowing the tub to be put away in the winter.

WATER - Fill the tub with warm, clean water. Add at least 25ml of fresh start per each 50 gallons of water to break down the long lasting chloramines. Plants will appreciate the addition of one tablespoon of Plantabbs Liquid Aquatic Food per 50
gallons. If Fish or scavengers are to be added, the addition of 1-2 ounces of nitrifying bacteria will help to assure clean water.

PLANT SELECTION - A tropical waterlily , some “marginals”, some “floaters” and oxygenating plants
will create a balanced ecological system that will stay clean. Fewer oxygenators will be needed if a pump
and fountain are to be part of the system.

“PLANTING” - Generally the waterlily is placed in the front of the tub, taller marginals to the rear, etc.
Clean pots, brick or stone can be used to raise these potted plants to their desired depths. “Floaters” can
simply be placed in the water with their roots
down. The oxygenators are frequently purchased “bare root” and should be planted in and open mesh
basket with smallstone. Baskets can then be placed on the bottom of the tub where the plants will receive some light. These plants are only effected when they are growing.

SUMMER CARE - Spent blossoms and dead foliage should be removed. Marginals and especially the waterlily should be fertilized with Pondtabbls every 3-4 weeks and the floaters and oxygenators will consume any nutrients that seep out of the soil. Floaters and oxygenators may also appreciate a dose of the liquid aquatic plant food occasionally. These two fertilizers are specially formulated for pond plants - normal houseplant or garden fertilizers can lead to an increase of algae. When rainfall is scant, you may need to top off the tub with tap water - If a large volume is introduced, it should be treated as above.






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