Night Bloomer
Red Night

Tropical Water Lilies










Why should I spend a lot of money on an annual?
We pay as much or even more for a cut flower arrangement that last only a week, theses lilies will last all summer. Not to menchon you will never find a flower arrangement that has as much color and fragrance as tropical lilies. They range from colors that are bright pink, white, Lavenders, blues, and even changeables(Green Smoke).

Once the water temp reaches 70 degree's they will come out of the green house. They will start blooming in mid June and continue thru the autumn months or until they are iced out in Nov. even Dec. Keep them fertilized and they will have so many blossoms you won't ever want to by a flower arrangement again. Fertilize them every 4-6 weeks with a Pondtab. Same as the Hardy Lilies.

Night Bloomers?
There are some varieites that will only blossom at night and if your lucky a dark overcast day. These are great for the working family, because they will be able to enjoy them when they got home. Unlike the regular day bloomers that would be closed. They are the brightest of pinks and whites( Red Night shown above is a night bloomer). They will usually open around 8:00p.m or once the sun goes down and close around 10:00a.m. They are very unique.

Can they be overwintered?
Yes, you can keep them over winter but it's very difficult and requires experience.

Albert Greenberg-producing cup-shaped rose-yellow flowers with shades of pink. Having mottled foliage, this lily adapts to different sized pools with a medium to large spread. It also continues blooming well into the fall.


Angela-generating light blue blossoms floriferously. This compact lily, with its well-mottled leaves, has a medium spread. "One of my favorites"/Peter


August Koch-delivering fragrant lavendar-blue blooms with rust-colored stamens. Having dark-green foliage with pink undersides, this viviparous lily is excellent for tubs with its small spread.


Blue Capensis-Yielding fragrant star-shaped blue flower with yellow stamens.With its speckled foliage, this lily has a medium spread. This lily also lasts very well as a cut flower.


Colorata-giving abundant deep blue flowers with green leaves. This lily is great for tubs with its small spread.


Crystal-Producing white flowers over mottled leaves, this is one of the last to still be flowering in November. This viviparous lily has a medium to large spread.


Green Smoke-yielding very fragrant changable flowers over a medium spread of mottled leaves. The flower eventually changes from blue to purple. Delightful but tempermental.


Islamorada-emitting unique pale purple flower with lighter freckles. This lily is a vigourous free-flowering viviparous lily with a medium spread.


Red Flare-delivers deep red flower that opens flat with reddish-bronze leaves. This lily has a medium spread.


Ruby-having green foliage with bright pink flowers. This viviparous lily has a small to medium spread.


Shirley Bryne-yields rich pink flowers with yellow stamens over green foliage. This viviparous lily has a small to medium spread.


Star of Siam-produces bluish purple flowers above big mottled leaves. This lily has a large spread.


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