Try these beautiful and easy to install water features!!!


Artificial Gristmill Stone





Ground Bird Bath with
a Fountain piece



Ground Bird Bath

Materials needed

1 Lerio whiskey barrel Liner
1 small energy-efficient (Mag Drive) pump - Cal, Cyprio, and Rena offer excellent pumps for this purpose
1 Artificial stone bird bath the one shown is made by CREATEK
1 Fountain piece of your choosing

1st Step
Dig a hole big enough to fit your Whiskey Barrel Liner into leave it's lip slightly (1") above grade.

2nd Step
Place the pump into the Whiskey Barrel Liner

Then Place the Bird Bath over the Whiskey Barrel
- part of the novelty here is that the hole (3/8" or 1/2" dia.) was drilled
in the side wall of the basin, allowing several inches of water to remain
in the birdbath AND still permit the flow to return to the hidden
 (A second hole could also be drilled under the fountain piece if needed to hide the tubing.)

3rd Step
Place the fountain piece wherever you see fit on the side of the Bird Bath.

Attach the tubing to the pump an the fountain
Fill everything up with water
plug the pump and you now should have a wonderful little water feature.





Gristmill Stone

Arterial Gristmill Stone- one sided and plumbed maid by CREATEK
Fibertech Gristmill Basin
River Stone
P160 pump

1st Step
Dig a hole big enough to fit the fibertech pool into

2nd Step
Place the pump with the tubing into the pool and put the gristmill stone on top connecting the two.

3rd Step
Fill the pool with water and plug in the pump.
Adjust the gristmill stone to level it so that the water is flowing over it equally

4th Step
Place the river stone around the edge of the gristmill stone hiding the pool.
Enjoy your new fountain piece.....











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