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This site is dedicated to excellence in Water Gardening.

We give unbiased information about how to set up, stock, and maintain a variety of styles of healthy ponds. An old saying: "You can have it Good - Quick - Cheap - or Easy - Pick any one or two! We're here to give you the information necessary to make your choice. There's many "Miracle Products" and "Miracle Systems" out there that have disappointed many.

The only miracle is that consumers fall for those inflated claims and slick advertising.

Gardening in general is an Art, not a science.

There is no one single right way to do it,

so to insure a variety of perspectives on the Art of Water Gardening -

We pledge to bring you honest and accurate Water Gardening information.


The Pond Retailer's Association of the North East (P.R.A.N.E.)

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