When people usually put in a water garden they say, they don't want fish. But they will always end up getting some.

Before you go out and buy fish for your pond make sure you think things through...

Novices should never start out with Koi, because they are not as forgiving as other fish and are more expensive.
So you will want to test out your pond first with the other cheaper more hardy fish first.
There are also many different types of Koi. They are usually categorized by their colors.
They are the most popular fish, because of their beautiful colors and personalities. That's right they have personalities!!!
They may chew up your plants and push around some rocks when they get older.
Usually what happens is people get so into their Koi that they don't want as many plants anyway so that they can see their fish.
I garantee if you get Koi you will love them....

Shubunkin are a type of single-tailed goldfish. They have mottled patterns of white, black, and orange.
They are very hardy and are excellent for beginners.

Sarasa Comet (red and white)
Comets are also a typ of single tailed goldfish. These fish are a brilliant red with white patches.
They are very hardy and excellent for beginners.


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