Annual Pond Maintenance Recommendations

March--Turn pumps on to the filters, checking that filters and tubing are operational
--Use Nycon B-10 net to dredge accumulated debris from the open area at the bottom of the pond
-- Return any Jap Trap Snails to the pond
--Test for pH and ammonia, add bacteria and micronutrients, observe fish for health

April--Raise plants to shelves or pedestals, divide or repot if necessary
--Fertilize lilies and lotus with Pondtabbs
--Clean filters and/or dredge with net if warranted
--Test for pH, ammonia, nitrite and add micronutrients and bacteria
--Add new oxygenators and Jap Trap Snails as appropriate

May--Fertilize lilies and lotus with Pondtabbs
--Test water quality
--Add Hyacinths in early May

June--Fertilize lilies and lotus
--Add Tropical water lilies and marginals

July--Fertilize lilies and lotus

August--Fertilize lilies and lotus
--Trim oxygenators and marginals
--Compost any excess of hyacinths

October--Remove tropicals to be stored indoors
--Net out leaves, Hyacinths, and lettuce
--Lower lotus, hardy lilies, and marginals to the bottom of the pond
--Add cool temp bacteria ("Autumn Prep")

November--Net out leaves and accumulated debris from the open bottom area
--Remove debris from filter and backflush with pondwater
--Store filter plants in bottom of the pond
--Set up airation pumps, de-icers and/or other overwinter devices.

December--Turn off waterfall pumps and turn on the de-icer, etc. when winter ice begins.

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