Plants for Special Purposes

H = Hardy T = Tropical

Algae Control - Water hyacinths, Water Lettuce(T); Hornwort (H); Moneywort (H):
Yellow Fringe (T).

Color - Waterlilies (Tropical or Hardy); Lotus (H); Varigated Canna (T); Purple Stem,
Imperial and Varigated Taro (T); Iris (H); Chameleon Plant (?); Water Hyacinth
(T); Moneywort (H); Water Poppy (?).

Fish Spawning - Hornwort, Valisneria

Fragrance - Water Hawthorne (T); Waterlilies: Aflame, Charlene Strawn, Chubby,
Firecrest, James Brydon, Masaniello, Pink Opal, Pink Sensation, Spice
(H) - most Tropical Lilies; Water Mint.

Oxygenation - Elodea, Hornwort, Vallisneria, Moneywort (H)

Partial Shade - Some Waterlilies (H) (Chromatella, Charlene Strawn, Attraction,
Hollandia, James Brydon, Masaniello, Virginia); Water Hyacinth (T);
Moneywort (H); Varigated Canna (T); Varigated Sweet Flag (H);
Forget-Me-Not (H); Varigated Ribbon Grass (H); Water Hawthorne (T);
Watercress (H)

Shallow pools (12” or less) - Waterlilies: Dauben (T), Perry’s Baby Red (H), Walter
Pagels (H); Water Poppy (T); White or Yellow Fringe (T); Water Hyacinth or
Lettuce (T); Golden Club (H); Elodea or Cabomba (H); Most Marginals (H or T).

Tub Gardens - Water Poppy (?); Smaller Waterlilies; Helvola, Chromatella,
Chrysantha, Graziella, James Brydon, Pink Opal (H) - Dauben, Ruby, Tina (T);
(Hardy types are only recommended if water temperature is stable.)
White or Yellow Snowflake (T); Lotus: Angel Wings, Charles Thomas,
Shirokunshi, Chawan Basu, Momo Botan (H); Corkscrew Rush (H) and most
other short to medium marginals (H or T).

Turbulent Water - Parrots Feather (?); Water Mint (H); Forget - Me - Not (H)

Vertical Accent - Cattails (H); Sweetflag (H); Horsetail Reed (H); Iris (H), Lotus (H);
Canna (T); Thalia (H)

“Wetland” Filters - Water Hyacinths (T), Green Taro (T); Fairy Moss (T);
Cattails (H); Hemerocallis fulva (H); Umbrella palm (T); Chinese Water
Chestnut (T);Water Celery (H)

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