Plant Care

Winter Care of Aquatic Plants

Waterlilies -Nymphaea - Hardy Cultivars
Lower plants to 18-30” of water after they have gone dormant. For tub gardens, remove plant to a cool, dark location and keep moist.

Waterlilies -Nymphaea -Tropical Cultivars
Remove dormant tubers from water and soil; store in damp sand in a cool, dark location at about 55 degrees F.

Tropical Marginals
Colocasia, Cyperus (Taro and Papyrus varieties), and Canna will do fine indoors as a windowsill plant. Keep moist. Eleocharis (Chinese Water Chestnut) treat as a Tropical Waterliliy above.

Lotus - Nelumbo
Do Not Cut Back
Lower pot to the same depth as hardy waterlilies when definitely dormant. Early in the spring remember to raise the plant near the surface and fertilize.

Lily - Like Aquatics - Nuphar, Nymphoides, etc.
Authorities and experience vary about these plants - They agree that these will survive with no more than
“window-pane” ice and/or in deep water. They also agree that none will survive in zone 5 without protection.

“Floater” for surface cover
They will not survive the winter and should be removed from the water along with the falling autumn leaves.

These should be located on the bottom of the pool as are hardy lilies, where they will not freeze.

Potted (Shallow water) Marginals
These hardy plants survive this climate when growing naturally - container conditions, sitting on a shelf may be less suitable, Mulch or “heel” these plants in, or for the emergent varieties, place them in deep water.

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