There are many sorts of Tropical Marginals that you can buy.
Below are some pictures and a list of a few Species that are great to use.
Any of these plants will work very well in a Tub Garden

Aquatic Cannas-(Not to be confused with the Terrestrial Canna's)

Canna's are a great addition to any Water Garden. They have beautiful bright flowers an when they aren't blooming their leaves bring a vertical and colorful texture to the landscape. Their flower colors range from a light pink to bright oranges and reds. They like a water depth from 0" to 6" in a 1.5 Gal pot. They can be brought inside for the winter and enjoyed as a house plant. As long as they are in full sun and well watered.

Canna Hallucination
Has a pastel pink flower with a yellow throat. Some what shorter then the other varieties.

Canna Flame
Has an amazing flower, it's Bright yellow and orange petals make it look like a flame, set up on a pedestal of beautiful green leaves. When this blooms it will be no dought the center of attention

Canna Bengal Tiger
Has very beautifully variegated leaves that will brighten up your Water Garden. These leaves are beautiful alone, but when this plant is in full blossom it will take your breath away. The contrast between the leaves and the bright orange flower is stunning.

Canna Erebus
Has a much brighter and darker pink flower then Hallucination, on top of beautiful green leaves

Canna African Sunset
The picture alone should speak for itself. The leaves on this canna are so beautiful you won't have to wait for it to flower to get amazing color. The flowers are bright orange which will intern make the leaves look even more fiery orange..

Canna Endeavor
Has a stunningly bright red flower that will bring joy to your day

Other Tropical Marginals
These marginals like to have about 0-6" of water over the pot

Crinum x"Candy Cane"
Pink Bog Lily- This plant has long green leaves that aren't to exciting, But when it blooms it will be the most beautiful flower you've ever seen. The flowers are white with pink lines going throughout the center of each petal. It is very unusual and unique looking. I bet you wont find a flower like this anywhere.

Zantedeschia aethiopica
Calla Lily- This plant is very pretty. It's flower is pure white with golden pokers. The leaves are arrow shaped and a nice shade of green on fleshy stalks.

Colocasia rubra-
Cranberry Taro- Very large heart shaped leaves that is a dark purplish red, on a purplish red stem that grows to 3.5'
Very neat looking plant.

Cyperus alternifolia- Umbrella Palm- This plant is very tropical looking with bright green spikelets surrounding small white flowers. It grows to 24-48"

Cyperus Alternifolia Nana- Dwarf Umbrella Palm- Looks identical to the regular Umbrella Palm but grows to only 18" tall.

Echinodorous x. Marble Queen- This plant is very unique. It has brightly variegated foliage with a pure white flower. A fairly large plant closely resembling Sagittarius

Tulbaghia violacea 'Varigata'- Variegated Society Garlic- Garlic like plant with white and green stripes. It has beautiful violet flowers. Can grow in sun or shade. Leaves and flowers are edible with a pungent garlic flavor.


Colocasia antiquorum- Imperial Taro- Large heart shaped leaves that is emerald green with blotches of dark brown and violet on a 3.5' green stem.

Colocasia esculenta- Green Taro- Large heart shaped green leaves on a 3.5' green stem.

Colocasia esculenta font.- Purple-Stem Taro- Large green heart shaped leaves on a purple stem that grows to about 3.5'

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