Water Iris

Your Water Garden will not be complete without an aquatic Iris. They are the first things to bloom in the spring and there are a few varieties that will bloom in the fall. They like to grow in 0-6" from the top of the pot.

Iris X. Mighty Rich

Mighty Rich is a beautiful Iris that has a rich ruby flower with a yellow center.


Iris X. Clyde Redmond

Clyde Redmond has a very nice deep blue flower. It was narrow foliage that grows to about 24"

Iris X. Handmaiden

This Iris will grow to be atleast 36" tall. It has beautiful pink flowers that will brighten up your water garden.

Iris Versicolor

This Iris can be found in swamps in our area. It has flowers that are violte-blue, with patches of yellow at the base.

Iris X. Black Gamecock

This Iris only gets to be about only 15 "tall. It has really nice dark bluish almost black flowers.

Iris X. Queen of Violets

This plant blooms with double purple flowers. It will also bloom not only in the spring but also the fall, so you will be ale to enjoy it twice during the season. This is one of my most favorite Iris.

Iris Ernsota (Kampferi) Fancy hybrids

These plants are beautiful. They will range from blue, pink, white, and veined flowers. They will tolerate some shade.

Iris Pseudacorus

This plant has sword like leaves that are about 1" wide and 3' tall.With very nice yellow flowers that are 3" across.

Iris X. King Creole

This Iris has a very nice bluish-purple flower with a deep yellow center.

Iris X. Delta Dawn

This is a unique looking flower. It will be a nice addision to any garden. It blooms with a Lavender flower that has an apricot center.

Iris Lavigata

This Iris is a very aquatic plant. Do not let this one dry out. It is very beautiful with dark blue flowers.

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