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This page will always be under construction. We intend to continue to review new products as well as the best (and perhaps the worst) seasonal items.



Livingponds Filtation units


2 different types available are for 03'. The difference in the two units is how they are positioned by the pond. Model F100 is a waterfall filter (i.e. It can be used as a header unit). The other F200 is the "versatile filter". This unit can be used even if no waterfall or stream is desired. This unit the return water is sent back to the pond via pvc pipe or tubing, where as the waterfall unit has to be positioned at the stream head or side of stream.
Both units are identical except for the above difference. These units have the intake at the top with a baffle which sends the water to the bottom of the unit. Water rises through a supporting grate and into the Savio Springflo Media tm. After passing through this area the water rises through a filter mat and then returns to the pond either through a waterfall or a tubing/pipe. These units as well as the spring flo media will prove to be one of the best units available for filtration

Savio Skimmer


The Savio Skimmer offers advantages over other units in both durability and design.
- It has a footprint less than 4 sq. ft. to allow maximum area for planting.
-The weir (faceplate) is available in three different sizes to precisely match pond and pump sizes.
-If you upgrade to a large pond (or pump) you can simply change the weir to match.
-A sturdy basket replaces the traditional net for easy cleaning.
-A circular water flow plus a filter pad increase filtration within the unit.
-Provision is made for piping and for adding optional UVCs.

Others have said:
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Remember that skimmers are useful to supplement a filtration system that draws water and waste from the bottom of the pond. Skimmers can reduce maintenance needs and improve water quality but "debris settles to the bottom" unless you can "potty-train" your fish!!!


Cal Pump

Cal torpedo pump


Cal has developed a new water-cooled pump which can be used in or out of water. It uses no oil, which reduces the chances of the "oil slick" sometimes caused by oil type pumps. It has 1.5" intake and discharge for better flow - rated at 4000 gal. per hour. It also comes standard with a 20' power cord - energy efficiency is good.

Cal power control center


We all know water gardens are not void of their electrical gadgets. This unit borders on being one itself, but if you do not have safe power outlets by your pond this controller becomes a necessity. This unit features 4 GFCI protected outlets as well as a 50' extension cord. It has a weather resistant casing as well to protect your electrical connections.

Update: 12/5/05 This unit has proved to be a great addition to existing ponds or a nesescary item for some new pond construction




Pondovac 2 from Oase has been a much needed addtion to our industry. This product operates similarly to a shop vac. If you have ended up with a pond that has rocks lining the bottomthis unit is more environmentally friendly way of keepingyour pond clean. This will not get rid of power washingat all but it willmore than likely cut it back to every other year. For those of you that do not have rocks lining the bottom of your pond this is still a great addition and can be used to keep that pond crystal clear. The only down fall of this unitis that it does discharge some water while cleaning. It discharges several gallond every few minutes. Simply locate the discharge hose in the garden somewhere and fertilize the plants with your free fertilizer.




This product is designed to kill algae on contact. The product seems to be very effective when used appropiately. It sometimes in larger ponds is difficult to disperse the product effectively. The other downfall of this productis the amount of ingredient needed to be effective is relatively small for a decent sized pond. Overall a very effective product but due to its difficulty in application we give it mixed reviews. Further note, This product works on contact it cannot be dumped in one area of the pond or in a filter it will do little to nothing. Product must be dispersed evenly on the surface of the pond and of waterfall.






Tsurumi Pumps pn series

Theese pumps have ben amazing! Their solids handling capabilities have ben second to none. If you have a high head application these pumps are the ones to be considering. With their high head capabilities and solids capabilities these make for an excellent pumpfor large pond filltration. Size of the pumps can be somewhat intimidating but then again size is related to total output and these have some serious output. Pumps tested all have a 2" outlet, which is appropriate for the flow rates. All pumps tested were standard 110 however they are also available in 220. Some of the largest pumps come in three phase(these are not for your average water garden though)All in all this line of pumps is our favorite of all pumps tested for their application. By far!



Savio Waterfall Weir (SF050)

This product has recieved alot of hype from the manufacturer but quite frankly it doesn't seem to be worth the hype it has recieved. The unit is great for what it does but it's function could easily be created with liner at the top of a waterfall. This is definitley a product suited for the small pond construction. If one does not want to be bothered with creating a discharge point for the top of a waterfall this unit certainly has it's place. This unit should not be used for filtration except on the smallest of ponds.




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