Innovative Ideas




This page is for the person that dosen't want a Water Garden, but wants a small water feature.



The trick here is to use:

--a reservoir - here a Lerio plastic whiskey barrel liner;
--a small energy-efficient (Mag Drive) pump - Cal, Cyprio and Rena
offer excellent pumps in this category that can be matched to the size
of the fountain piece;
--an artificial stone bird bath - this excellent one is made by Createk,
backed by fiberglass for strength but lightweight and easily drilled with any handyman's 3/8" drill.
--a fountain piece of your choosing - this one is the Medium Duck from Brass Baron.

The Lerio reservoir is dug into the ground,
with it's lip slightly (1") above grade.

The Createk #BB3 "large ground bird bath" is set over the reservoir
- part of the novelty here is that the hole (3/8" or 1/2" dia.) was drilled
in the side wall of the basin, allowing several inches of water to remain
in the birdbath AND still permit the flow to return to the hidden
reservoir! (A second hole could also be drilled under the fountain piece if needed to hide the tubing.)

This very realistic looking stone bird bath, combined with a brass fountain piece, not only waters our feathered friends, but also produces a subtle but soothing sound of water. 
This most natural looking combo can extend the tranquility of water to
any area of any yard.  See how easy it is!



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