Internal Filtration can be done through two elements Vegitative and Mechanical

How does Vegitative Internal Filtration work?
It works by sending water through a group of plants before it returns to the rest of the pond. The sediment settels in this area and the plants soak up all the excess nutrients as well as fish wastes.

How do I set this up?
1.When desiging your pond you will need to plan an area where you would like to set a large group of plants.

2.Then you will need to make a large shelf thats about 6-8" deep. you will want about 30% of the pond to be this filtering area. So it will need to be a large enough shelf to provide this.

3.Then you will want to choose a variety of marginals to set in this area.
any Iris
Water mint
Cattails (beware can be very invasive)
Ribbon Grass
Water Clover

4. Then you will want to plant your selection of marginals each into lava rock in a mesh basket. The Lava rock will provide you with the surface area for good bacteria.
The mesh baskets will allow for easy cleaning. Just pick up the basket and trim off any excess plant that up do not want. Otherwise these plants will take over the area abd make a big mess.

5. Set up a manifold on the end of your return hose so that you are spreading out the water throughout the filteration area. Look at facts and formulas for the right water flow.



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