External Filtration


What is External Filtration?
These filters are made specifically for sitting outside of the pond. There are many types of external filters.

The Biotec 4-30 From Oase
The Ecomax 500-2000 From Cyprio
The Bioflock 500-2000 From Cyprio
The Green Machine 1500-6000 From Cyprio
The Gravity Green Machine 2000-5000 From Cyprio
The Fluidart System that can do up to 25,000gal ponds. From Fluidart.

What are the benifits of using External filters?
External pond filters are generally much easier to clean or service, easy to inspect and often more cost effective.

Don't they look ugly sitting outside of the pond?
Yes they are ugly, but there are ways to hide them. Some can be buried and most are designed to sit behind (and slightly above) the waterfall header or a stream. With only a little imagination, planning and a couple of plants, these filters can easily be hidden from view. Careful selection and a little planning will insure that your beautiful pond is easy to maintain.

When necessary, pressurized filters can be used that can be buried and the return water can be piped upwards (select your pump with this in mind) or sideways to any point for re-entry to the pond. Remember that you are paying for pressurized componets - trading off simplicity of service for simplicity of installation.

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